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Graham studied classical piano and trumpet, he is now playing trumpet again after some years of silence. "For the past 5/6 years I've been playing a Schilke S32 Bb - My Flugelhorn is an Eclipse Custom. I've also a beautiful 'as new' Olds Custom in C from the early 70's.

His first instrument these days is the harmonica.

"A couple of years ago I stumbled on a CD by Bela Fleck featuring Howard Levy on harmonica and I was on a mission! He pioneered the technique of "overblowing/overdrawing", which enables the player to obtain a complete chromatic scale on the diatonic harmonica. I've tried it, it ain't easy! When you've heard him ripping through what are virtually saxophone licks and be-bop you'll appreciate just how far he has taken what is basically a fairly primative instrument. I've heard no one come near Howard. He's a pretty hot pianist too! Check out my links for his website." Other harp influences : Paul DeLay, Carlos Del Junco, Richard Hunter, Max Geldray, Toots Thielemans.

"I've a Kurzweil PC88 which I've had for years. It has a very individual creaky weighted action which I found to be very similar to a wooden acoustic piano keyboard.

"I once taught myself some guitar, I used to folk it up a bit with my nice 35 year old Yamaha acoustic years ago but these days only get it out occasionally when I feel like ripping up my fingertips. I do have a lovely Strat which I might play in the studio but wouldn't dream of getting it out live." It's main claim to fame was playing the mad lead on the "Tweenies" Sig tune.

"I also like to shake and rattle an assortment of percussive things when I get the chance."

He's spent a lot of time in studio production and loves it, "Those that know me are only too aware of how I feel about computers and gear! I use Apple Macs with MOTU's Digital Performer audio/sequencing software.

Having worked on dozens of theatre productions, He has arranged and scored countless bars here and there. Once he stopped using pen and paper he has always used the "enormously complicated" but detailed Coda Finale.

"Composition (and writing lyrics) has really been my thing and over the years I have written more stuff than I can remember. I've been very lucky to be involved in so many varied projects and styles."

Watch this space........

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