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You may have guessed I'm into cars. The pictures scattered throughout the pages are of my two Scimitars. In case you aren't familiar, as well as three wheelers, Reliant also built sports cars of some classic designs. All were glass fibre bodied.

Scimitar GTC : Having sadly parted company with my GTE after 12 years I've gone retro again with this lovely red 1980 GTC. One of just 442 built the 2.8Ltr Se8b. I don't carry keyboards around anymore so the estate is not essential but I did intend to buy another GTE. I was on holiday at the time in the West Country and a GTC was for sale nearby so I thought I'd just go and have a look. The owner rolled it out of his garage, it looked fantastic. I crawled around underneath with a torch, it was in excellent condition. 35 years old with just 70,000 on the clock. All the MOTs daing back to 1990 showed it had done 60,000 in it's first 10 years thereafter garaged with the occasional weekend drive.

Middlebridge GTE : This is one of 77 vehicles produced by a company that restarted production around 1987 in Nottinghamshire, some time after the original manufacturer, Reliant, sold the rights to the model. They introduced some modifications which included new engine, lower profile wheels, lowered suspension.

I previously owned the beige coloured Reliant GTE for about 14 years. I did most of the restoration on my original Scimitar (built 1977) but have less time and inclination for laying under cars these days.

Reliant Sabre 1800ti : This is completely different. The last of the sports cars produced by Reliant from around 1995. This is one of the few that came with the Nissan 1800 turbo. I've indulged in some further mods including LSD, intercooler, hybrid turbo and wide straight through exhaust which have raised it to 225bhp /185bhp at the wheels - It is still in a state of development. This car is serious fun with hard top and soft top and competes with more modern sports cars many times its value.

I'd better not get too anorak here, if you want to find out more, further details can be found at Scimweb the RSSOC (Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owners Club) website and others........

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Graham Pike Middlebridge

Graham Pike Middlebridge

Graham Pike Scimitar GTE

Graham Pike Scimitar GTE

Graham Pike Sabre